Monday, January 5, 2009

San Tan Mountain Adventure - South of Gilbert, AZ

Well it isn't quite a canyoneering trip nor did it have much adventure, then again it might depend on who you ask. I haven't a made it out to any new canyon routes lately. I had a trip planned though we went golfing instead. Hard to pass up a free round at a golf course that costs $250 for 18 holes. I did take my son out for his first hike. His neck is finally strong enough and take the bouncing up and down of hiking a trail.

He seemed to love his new adventure as he jabbered in my ear the entire time. The hike can get a little strenuous depending on what path you take in the San Tan mountain range. They are not very high though some climbs are pretty steep.

Just south of Gilbert, AZ is the San Tan mountains which have numerous trails and is a great place for a quick hike and get outside. I have used this trail system for trail running and mountain bike workouts in the past, though now it makes a great time for me and Lleyton.
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