Monday, June 9, 2008

Apache Trail Canyon

I just did the Apache Trail Canyon which is the name the guide book a read gave it. It is technically an unnamed canyon that was great. One of the best part of being an unnamed canyon is the we were the only people scrambling lower into the earth. The Apache Trail Canyon is about an hour or so outside of Phoenix.

The canyon didn't require any technical ability with ropes though you had to know how to climb to make your way through. The entrance has a short rappel at a waterfall though you can down climb into the canyon just a feet yards away. A chimney that we supposed to be able to down climb was too sketchy so I found an over hang that was manageable.

Once in the canyon it was great; in and out of pools and scrambling over boulders. A few spots required intermediate climbing ability. Nothing that any person who has climbed before couldn't handle though if you are just a hiker it could be overwhelming.

There was one pool that was over our heads and we had to swim. I always love those.

The only thing that sucked was we ran into another canyon on the way back to the car and had to down climb it and back up the other side to get to the road.
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