Monday, July 28, 2008

Upper Fish Creek Canyon Canyoneering Superstition Mountains

Explored the Upper Fish Creek Canyon today which winded its way through boulders, pools, and nice shade from the hot desert sun. The temperature was just over a hundred degrees though down in the canyon the temperature was great.

Upper Fish Creek Canyon refers to the upper level of the canyon from Fish Creek Bridge on the Apache Trail. The trail is a moderate intensity of boulder route finding, scrambling, some modest climbing, and pools.

Most of the pools were pretty still which makes for fun moss water wading through. Some of the pools were up to my chest though most were under knee hight. The pools were a great way to cool off and I would recommend going through this canyon on a hot Arizona day.

What made the trip is finding and jumping into a dark deep pool. A huge rock overhanging kept the sun from hitting the pool and this one was cold. After the short swim it does take a climb to get yourself out. The pool was eerie black because of lack of light.

You can make this a point A to B route for about 8.5 miles though the pools and more fun boulders are all in the first 3 miles from the bridge. We did an out and back. There is no big land mark where you have to turn around though we did after wading through a couple of pools the canyon really opened up and we decided that was the best place to turn around.

I highly enjoyed the canyon. We had a first time guy with us and the ease of the canyon made for an enjoyed first time, and it was just hard enough in spots to make it a fun challenge.
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