Friday, July 11, 2008

Good Solo Hiking Tent for Canyoneering

If you are like me when you go into canyons then carrying a heavy load is the last thing I am going to do. Once you start doing some day trips into canyons you are going to get the itch to go overnight at least one night any way. Extended stay canyons are one of the best ways to experience the amazing canyons of the southwest. One thing I always like is especially on overnight trips is that the experience is nothing you can do from your car.

I take the Iota tent by Sierra Designs. It is a light easy to pack solo backpacking tent that works with my minimal weight I want to carry. Though I do have a bivy sack I prefer to use a single person tent most of time. They may be more weight though I like having the head room which is worth a pound of extra gear. We are not talking 10 pounds just a pound over most typical bivy sacks. The other nice thing about the Iota tent is that it can handle being hit by a storm. I don't go into canyons during storm season, though I do take it with me on other trips. Riding out a storm in a solo tent is far more fun then riding it out in bivy sack.

I like the nice ventalation which keeps the bugs off me and lets me see the sky at night.
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