Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Bear Grylls is Back in the Canyons of Baja Peninsula

New episode of Man vs Wild aired tonight with Bear Gryllys showing off killing a diamondback and drinking his own pee. Watching Bear drink his own pee even made me a little squeamish just watching it. I guest that is why I always take my water filter with me on every outdoor trip, even the day hikes when more emergency end up happening.

Bear Grylls found the dry river canyons of Northern Mexico, though I think I will keep my adventure to water filled canyons of Arizona. I much enjoy cooling off in a nice canyon pool.

The trick he showed for finding water by digging at the base of rock formations was a good thing to keep in mind if ever in an emergency situation. There looked to be enough water at the base of the one he found where you could hangout and stay hydrated while you waited to be resuced.

My next adventure is heading up to Christopher Creek Canyon outside Payson, AZ. I am hoping to stay away from killing skunks, drinking my own pee, or coming face to face with a diamond back. I have already almost stepped on a diamondback this year so if I don't see another one I will be fine.
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