Sunday, August 3, 2008

How to Rapell - Used for Canyoneering Canyons

I would always recommend taking classes or getting professional training before you start trusting your life to a rappel. Also, always make sure that go into canyons with a partner and that both parties check over the set up before you clip off and go down.

Things You’ll Need:

* Athletic Tapes
* Climbing Gear
* Climbing Harnesses
* Climbing Helmets
* Climbing Ropes
* Climbing Shoes

Set the rappel anchor. The rappel anchors should be tested before you trust them with your life. You should be securely attached to these anchors with a sling or daisy chain while you proceed through the following steps.

Prepare the rope for a single rope rappel. Fix one end of the rope to the rappel anchors by tieing a double figure 8 knot into the carabiners at the end of the equalized anchors. Make sure the rope doesn't go over any sharp edges and that the other end of the rope makes it to the ground.

Attach the rappel device to the rope. Be careful not to drop your device as you are attaching it to the rope. Check the manufacturer's instructions for how to use your particular rappel device.

Attach your rappel device to your harness. Clip into the rappel device with a locking carabiner. Do not unclip from the anchors (Step 1) until you are sure you are correctly attached to the rappel device, and the rappel device is correctly attached to the rope. After you've tested both the rope and the device, you can unclip your daisy chain from the anchors and proceed with the rappel.

Get in position. These instructions assume you are right-handed or are comfortable using your right hand in this. Place your left hand around the rope about 6 inches above the rappel device. Your left hand will be between your rappel device and the anchors holding the rope. Consider wearing gloves to protect your hands.

Grab the rope that hangs down out of the rappel device with your right hand and slide your hand on the rope back to your right hip and wrap the rope slightly around your right hip. Your right hand in this configuration is called your brake hand.

Rappel downward. Let some of the rope in your right hand slide up through the rappel device. As you do this you will slide down the rope.

Move past obstructions and overhangs. Make sure not to knock loose any rocks or other debris.

When you are safely on the ground, release the rope from your rappel device and call "Off rappel" for others who may be waiting.
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