Tuesday, June 24, 2008

First Water Canyon - Arizona Canyon Lake

Just got done finding my way through First Water Canyon which is found running off from Canyon Lake in Arizona. First Water Canyon extends for miles though the part we entered is right after the first one lane bridge when you arrive at Canyon Lake.

Canyon Lake is beautiful county and if you get the chance it is a nice place for a picnic or sight seeing while in the Phoenix desert.

We started our adventure with a little climbing and scrambling as we found our way to the top of the cliff as we made our way from Canyon Lake to where the canyon starts to form. The route was thorny so we decided to get in the water earlier than needed. You are going to get wet entering Canyon Lake so might as well make it early.

To enter First Water Canyon it requires so swimming before a short wade. We added only a few minutes to our swim though it took 45 minutes to swim against the current until we were able to wade. It is absolutely beautiful while you swim your way zigzagging through the canyons walls towering above.

Once out of the water is a short hike of boulder hopping and sand. A few pools which are green and shallow which we climbed around.

A mile or so from getting out of the water is a cool narrows followed by a chimney made out of the rock. We played around the chimney area for some short climbing and then we the canyon opens more into the hot Arizona desert. This was our turn around point as the canyon goes for miles.

The swim back feels great on a hot summer day. I highly recommend the hike especially because you have to swim to get in which eliminates almost all people. Other than the swim the canyon is pretty easy to navigate with amazing canyon walls that tower above your head.
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