Sunday, June 15, 2008

Canyoneering the Jug, Arizona

When down the Jug yesterday which is an amazing granite canyon gorge outside Phoenix, AZ. The Jug to date is my favorite canyon I have been done. It comprises amazing smooth granite walls with small waterfalls that keep you in the stream the entire way. I have read that water levels change drastically in the Jug and that it can be drier, though I believe this was the perfect water level that had constant water in shallow and deep pools.

To find the Jug you have to go into Salome Creek north of Roosevelt Lake. There is a trail head and sign at the entrance to park. Then it is a half hour hike to the entrance to the canyon. If you go early in the morning keep your eyes pealed for rattlesnakes which we suprisingly found. The place we found to enter was just a couple yards from a drainage pipe which you can find once you start to see views of the canyon.

Once down into the canyon, the Jug became a wonderful never ending twist and turn of pools, waterfalls, and boulders to find our way through. Make sure you come prepared to get wet as we never were out of the water for more than a minute the whole way down the canyon.

It took us an hour to get to the waterfall where you have a decision to make. You can make a twenty to thirty foot jump in a deep pool though be careful as you have to aim correct not to hit shallow parts. We chose to repel the waterfall which had nice anchors bolted into the granite for us to tie into.

Once down you have two amazing large pools to swim through that trust me you want to take your time to enjoy the amazement of nature and the beautiful sun glimmering off the smooth granite walls.

There is a nice trail that you can follow out which meets up with the trail that you used to find the entrance. Make sure you pack enough water with you as it will take a good 30-40 minutes back to the car which for us was in over 100 degree heat.

The Jug was the canyon I had the most fun in from wading through constant pools, swimming a lot, and even sliding down a waterfall.
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